Anytime throughout the convention

Self-Directed Driving Tours

With all that’s going on during a convention, it can be difficult to get the free time to explore the host city or get to see any of the great stuff nearby. To make sure that you get a chance to experience our wonderful city and surrounding areas, we decided to give you the freedom to pick your own time when you can take advantage of any of our free “Self-Directed Driving Tours”, either into the heart of the city or the scenic countryside. You can choose between several specific tours, where you can enjoy a taste of the history, architecture, shopping, and entertainment of our European flavoured city, or have some driving fun, complete with covered bridges, twisty mountain roads, ferry crossings, huge flea markets, antique stores, vineyards, craft breweries, “hard” apple cider bottlers and so much more! Get together with your friends and make it a group event, or enjoy it on your own; the choice is yours. We provide you with the detailed driving directions, a map and pertinent brochures which will help make sure that you can enjoy your tour. The rest is up to you. Start by picking up your free tour package at the Registration Desk in the hotel.

Art and Model Car Show

As with most conventions, we will be holding an Art and a Model Car contest inside the hotel. Entries will be on display from Thursday through Saturday, and will be judged on Saturday. Please sign up to have your original artwork or model car entered in the contest.