Friday, July 14

Friday, July 14

AROC Board Meeting

The AROC Board of Directors Meeting will start Friday morning at the hotel. It will run as long as required to exhaust both the agenda items and the board members. This meeting is open to all AROC USA and ARCC members.

Montreal Owners Brunch

On Friday morning, owners of an Alfa Romeo Montreal will want to get together with other owners for our 50th Anniversary Montreal Brunch Celebration. This brunch will be exclusively for Montreal owners, and will be held in the city beginning at 10:00 am.

Orange Julep Lunch

Beginning at about 11:00 am, we will meet for a very relaxed “fast food” lunch at the iconic Orange Julep Drive-In Restaurant, which has been a landmark for car and motorcycle enthusiasts since 1932. Featured in many automobile and motorcycle magazines and online sites, the Julep is home to both planned and impromptu car shows and meets each night during the driving season. The restaurant serves its famous “Julep” drink, which is similar but not identical to the “Orange Julius”. Food can be eaten at one of a number of provided picnic tables on site or you can dine in your car if you prefer. If fast food isn’t your thing, there are many other nearby restaurants as well.

Gimmick Rally

Our See the City Gimmick Rally will depart from the Orange Julep parking lot, with the first car starting sometime after noon. The rally will take participants on a tour through Montréal, including a drive to the top of Mount Royal; through the old and narrow streets of scenic “Old Montréal”; across a bridge to the site of the 1967 World’s Fair (expo67); a slow lap around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (the track used for the Canadian Grand Prix); and then out into the countryside of the historic “South Shore”, before winding its way back towards the hotel. With no time limit for the rally, we encourage you to enjoy the scenery and a relaxed and fun drive while trying to answer the questions provided in your rally instructions.

Méchoui Cookout

Once back at the hotel, our Méchoui Cookout will be a fun and relaxed outdoor dining event (weather permitting), serving traditional French-Canadian style foods, with some terrific live Canadian music. There will also be an opportunity for the usual meetings of newsletter editors, future convention planners and members of the AlfaBB online forum and the Alfa digest before and after supper in the hotel.