Thursday, July 13

Thursday, July 13

Time Trials and Parade Laps

Our Time Trials will take place beginning at 9:00 am at a track located about an hour’s drive from the hotel. All participating Time Trials drivers will need to get their cars inspected on Wednesday afternoon or evening in the hotel parking lot to qualify for use on the track. There will also be an opportunity to enjoy using your car for a few “Parade Laps” at the track over the lunch hour.

Historic City Bus Tour #1

Those not headed to the track may wish to take advantage of the Historic City Bus Tour #1, which will leave the hotel at 9:00 am for a guided tour of the city, with several stops along the way at some of Montréal’s best historic sites. The bus will return its passengers to the hotel by about 4:00 pm. Remember to wear some comfortable walking shoes!

Bienvenue Supper

In the evening, you are invited to join us for a unique and entertaining meal featuring real French-Canadian culture, food and music in a rustic mountain-side Maple Sugar Cabin located about 45 minutes West of the convention hotel. This Bienvenue Supper will be our welcome to the convention and will be held at the Sucrerie de la Montagne, located in Rigaud. The meal includes a variety of rustic country style foods, so bring your sweet tooth as the theme is “Maple Syrup”! We will have directions for those who will be driving, and suggest that attendees carpool if possible. We will have some “limited” transportation available if required.