Why Montréal?

Why Montréal? Pourqois pas?

Come join us for the celebrations in Montréal in July 2017!

Why attend an Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC) and Alfa Romeo Club of Canada (ARCC) combined international convention in Montréal? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Some of you, especially those who live in the northeastern reaches of the bordering U.S. states are likely already very familiar with Montréal, but for those who are not, here’s a short introduction, and hopefully some motivation.

2017 is a very BIG YEAR for us up here in Montréal, and all of Canada too. In 2017, we will be celebrating the 375th anniversary of the founding of our city, the 50th anniversary of our World`s Fair (expo67) and it also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the unveiling of the only car ever named after a Canadian city – The Alfa Romeo Montreal.

Canada – Picked as the Number One Country to visit in 2017 by Lonely Planet!

Lonely Planet picked America’s “neighbour to the north” as the Number 1 country to visit in 2017. “We are honoured to have been selected as Lonely Planet’s Destination of the Year for 2017” said the Honorable Bardish Chagger, Canada’s Minister of Small Business and Tourism. “Canada is always popular with us” said Lonely Planet’s Canada destination editor Alex Howard, “but there’s so much happening in 2017 that made it number one. It’s the country’s biggest birthday party in recent memory with the sesquicentennial next year, and they won’t be shy about celebrating. Now is the time to start planning a trip.” Marking 150 years since confederation, the elongated birthday party promises to be highly welcoming to international gatecrashers. And, with a weak Canadian dollar pushing down prices, visitors should have plenty of pocket money to spend.

Montréal – A European city you can get to without crossing the ocean!

Montrealers really enjoy living well and we love to share our passions with our guests. This is a city chock full of international festivals, world class arts, and the best in entertainment of all kinds. Renowned worldwide for its multicultural restaurants, unique architecture, and a blend of both new and old world flavor, Montréal lives up to its reputation as one of the best cities to visit.

Old Montréal

Built on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, the port of Old Montréal is the city’s birthplace. Composed of picturesque cobblestone squares and old world French architecture, the narrow streets teem with specialty shops, eateries and art galleries, while the broad concourse of the Old Port is lined with green parkland and cafés along the Rue de la Commune.

Architectural Delights

With almost 400 years of uniquely Montréal flavoured architecture, from the first humble French homes, churches, businesses and fortresses built of field stone, to the numerous 18th and 19th century brick structures and cut stone Roman Catholic churches, like the breathtaking Notre-Dame Basilica, to the 20th century steel and concrete icons like the mid-seventies Olympic Stadium and the still futuristic luxury apartments of Habitat ’67. Those with an appreciation for architectural design we’ll not be disappointed.

Cuisine Capital

Blessed with one of the most exciting food scenes in North America, the Montréal area brims with temples dedicated to all of the best cuisine. Whether your taste buds crave Arctic Char or Black Angus steak, Lox and cream cheese on a fresh poppy seed bagel or an all-dressed hot dog served with Poutine (fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy), the choices are endless. Regardless of whether you travel into the city, or choose to stay near our convention hotel, you’ll find irresistible bakeries filled with fresh pastries, traditional English pubs, Jewish delicatessens filled with famous “Montréal Smoked Meat” and any number of international restaurants ready to cater to your dining desires.

With all of the fun things to see and do in and around Montréal, you may want to consider extending your stay a few extra days.